Digital manufacturing techniques

The technologies are becoming an important part part of our daily life. 3D printers and other digital manufacturing techniques are being introduced in different areas getting very competent projects. Of course, fashion needs to have a place in this technological revolution.




When we talk about innovation we talk about the added value of ZER.  We introduce new technologies in fashion creating new fabrics that the market needs.

On the one hand we create fabrics with the 3D printer. One of our creations is entirely innovative within the 3D printing world. A fabric created 100 % by the machine conserving the conventional fabric’s properties.

With the same technology we print on top of the fabrics to create outer garments.

On the other hand, we have developed a new technique with the industrial embroidery machine. With the embroiderer we create the fabric with the patterns shape without using another fabric as support. Creating a zero waste production.

This point is very important for us. The most remarkable of these techniques is that we can digitize the patterns to produce only the necessary fabric.